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NEWSLETTER | August 2020

Challenges, enablers and opportunities for CCS deployment

In a newly released Insight, Global CCS Institute General Manager Alex Zapantis unpacks the challenges, opportunities and enablers of carbon capture and storage projects. The Insight evaluates the impact perceived risks can have on CCS opportunities and discusses the supportive mechanisms of CCS deployment, including the role governments play in shaping public confidence.



CCS Talks: Alberta's newest carbon solution

Last month on CCS Talks, we spoke to the key players involved in the development of Canada's Alberta Carbon Trunk Line (ACTL) system - the world's newest large-scale CCS facilities.

Watch as our General Manager of Client Engagement, Jeff Erikson, spoke to the project's business partners and funders about the obstacles they faced as the project evolved and what they envision for the future of the trunk line.

Global CO2 Storage Resource Database a critical step forward for CCS

In June, the OGCI - in close partnership with Pale Blue Dot Energy and the Global CCS Institute - launched the world's first independent CO2 Storage Resource Database.

This month, our Senior Consultant, Storage, Chris Consoli, took a closer look at the new database and evaluated how broad access to the new catalogue will improve future storage resource assessments for years to come.



CarbonNet Project: A hub for climate action and economic growth

The CarbonNet Project is an innovative CCS hub and cluster network in south-east Australia established by the Victorian State government. In our latest CCS Talks webinar, representatives from the Institute and the CarbonNet Project present what CCS hub and cluster networks are and describe the advantages of  shared CCS infrastructure. Discussed in depth are the details of the CarbonNet Project, including seismic testing and drilling, job creation and community and stakeholder engagement. 



2020 New York Climate Week

Achieving a Net Zero Emissions Economy: Returning Carbon to the Earth

September 22 | Webinar