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NEWSLETTER | January 2021

New Policy Factsheet: Global Status of CCS


The Global CCS Institute has released an informative policy factsheet highlighting key insights of the latest Global Status of CCS report. The factsheet points to key measures government and industry can take to achieve cost-effective net-zero emissions through CCS investment. With 65 CCS facilities under various stages of development around the world, clear and consistent policy development will be needed to further encourage an upward trend in the deployment of CCS technology. The policy factsheet is now available for download in English, Japanese, Arabic and Chinese.



EU Industry Week 

The European Commission will be kicking off EU Industry Week and the Global CCS Institute is excited to take part. EU Industry Week will feature virtual webinars and sessions focused on building back better in a post-Covid world. 

The Institute will host a live event to discuss  Europe’s 2050 net-zero targets and highlight the role CCS will play in decarbonising energy intensive sectors across the continent. Joining us will be industry leaders involved in CCS and climate action.


 Global CCS Institute Sees Dramatic Rise in Membership

The Institute saw a sharp rise in membership over the last year, welcoming 34 new members to its ranks. The total number of members now stands at 87. 

Carbon capture and storage is an essential technology key to reducing industrial emissions and supporting net zero targets. The Institute's rise in membership demonstrates a commitment across government and energy intensive sectors to combat climate change. 



 How the Race to Net-zero is Accelerating CCS

Over the last year, we saw the total carbon capture and CO2 storage capacity grow by 33% world-wide. So what is driving that growth and how can we can we keep the momentum going?

From new net-zero targets laid out by governments and industry, to significant funding announcements for CCS projects, a number of factors are at play. Read this commentary by the Institute’s General Manager of Advocacy and Communication, Guloren Turan for details.



Developing CCUS Projects in Colorado and Wyoming

In partnership with the United States Energy Association (USEA) and the U.S Department of Energy, the Global CCS Institute held a two-day event focused on CCS project development in Colorado and Wyoming. The event featured insights across key sectors involved in carbon capture and storage technologies, including academics from the University of Wyoming, policy experts with the Department of Energy and industry leaders. The live webinars covered a number of topics related to getting CCS projects off the ground and provided details on the economics of the 45Q tax credit.



 EU Industry Week:

 CCS and Reaching Net-zero Targets in Europe

Online Event | February 25



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