Watch our latest CCS Webinars

We hosted two CCS Talks in April on CCS around the world. Rewatch the webinars: 

- CCS & Climate Action Update 
- CO2 Storage


Panel Discussions from the DC Forum on CCS 

During this year's 9th Annual Forum on CCS in DC, leaders, experts, and decision-makers discussed a variety of topics around advancing the next wave of CCS in North America. Watch the keynote speeches by Andrew Steer, CEO, WRI, and Jason Klein, VP, US Energy Transitions Strategy, Shell, as well as panels on CCS trends in the US and globally, financing CCS, and commercialising CO2 storage. 


Institute publishes new paper on scaling CCS

The report aims to inform the discussion on scaling CCS by providing an overview of the needed near-term and longer-term developments in the CCS market in order to achieve net-zero emissions by mid-century. It reviews the current CCS facility pipeline, and how that could change in the next few years given project lead-in times, comparing it to the number of CCS facilities needed to meet climate goals.


Institute publishes brief on 45Q updates

The Institute has prepared an issue brief on where 45Q stands and what the guidance issued in February entails. The paper summarises the guidance prepared as well as provides a brief overview of 45Q and the history of tax credits in clean energy deployment in the US. The brief is aimed at a global audience. 



Institute launches CCS Tech Talks 

Recorded during the DC Forum on CCS earlier this year, the Institute has launched a series of CCS Tech Talks. The 5-minute talks by innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders provide insights into the latest developments surrounding carbon capture technology innovation.



New Brief on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

The paper provides insights into the history of Article 6, elaborates on how it can be an enabler for CCS, and looks into the upcoming developments in this field by answering the following questions:
• What is Article 6?
• Where is Article 6 in the international climate negotiations?
• What does Article 6 mean for CCS?
• What are the next steps?



Upcoming Report Launch: Value of CCS to Society

Investment in clean energy innovation, including CCS has multiple benefits for society, including supporting economic growth and addressing the externalities created by emissions and climate change. The Institute's latest thought leadership report will focus on the value CCS creates for society. During a launch webinar the author of the report, Senior Consultant - Economics, Alex Townsend, will discuss his findings in conversation with Guloren Turan, General Manager, Advocacy & Communications. 




CCS Talks
Scaling up the CCS Market to Deliver Net-Zero Emissions
May 1 | Webinar

Institute Report Launch
2020 Thought Leadership: The Value of CCS
13 May | Webinar


CCS Talks
The European Green Deal and CCS - Fireside Chat with DG CLIMA's Artur Runge-Metzger 
May 19 | Webinar