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NEWSLETTER | July 2021

Global CCS Institute Announces New CEO

The Board of the Global CCS Institute recently appointed Mr. Jarad Daniels as the Institute's new CEO effective on 4th October. Mr. Daniels comes to the Institute from the U.S. Department of Energy where he has had a long and distinguished career, most recently serving as the Director of the Office of Strategic Planning, Analysis and Engagement. He will be based in the Washington, DC office. 



New Report: Unlocking Private Finance to Support CCS Investments

Read our newest thought leadership report that discusses the role of governments in creating an enabling investment environment for a massive scale up of CCS. The report makes several recommendations for how to unlock private finance for projects including the application of green bonds in hard-to-abate sectors such as cement, fertilisers and chemicals. Also, join us on 15 July for a webinar discussion with the report's lead authors and a distinguished panel of finance experts.   


Members-only Meeting on COP 26

On 13 and 14 July, the Global CCS Institute will hold two Members-only webinars to provide an update on its plans for the Conference of the Parties (COP) 26. In prior COP meetings, the Institute has provided guidance regarding CCS in an official observer capacity and plans to be active in this year's event as well. The webinars will discuss the CCS-related elements of the meeting and the Institute’s involvement.



Countdown to COP: A Series on CCS Climate Technology, COP 26 and the Path to Net Zero

In addition to our Members-only COP 26 webinar, the Institute is launching a monthly series of webinars from July through November which will feature climate experts from around the world to discuss the road to COP 26, CCS technology and net-zero climate targets. Join us for our inaugural webinar on 26 July.



Developing CCS Projects in Alberta  

On 23 June, the Global CCS Institute hosted a webinar that examined all of the reasons why Alberta is eminently suited for developing many more CCS projects. Business leaders and policymakers discussed their role in the deployment of the technology including lessons learned, relevant policies, and future planning and possibilities.


The Acorn CCS Project and Scotland’s Contribution to Net Zero

The Institute hosted a webinar on 24 June highlighting the key role that CCS will play in Scotland’s plans to deliver on its net zero emissions pledges. As the centerpiece of this plan, the Acorn project aims to provide a CCS capability for Scotland by the mid 2020s; leveraging existing offshore infrastructure to store CO2 in the North Sea. 




Unlocking Private Finance to Support CCS Investments

15 July | Webinar

Countdown to COP:A Series on CCS Climate Technology, COP 26 and the Path to Net Zero

26 July | Webinar



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