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NEWSLETTER | December 2021

The CCS Technology Compendium

The Global CCS Institute's Technology Compendium provides a platform for providers from around the world to showcase their technology offerings. As the world's leading CCS think tank, the Institute is pleased to open its vast network of CCS project developers, proponents and interested parties to those at the forefront of technology. The Compendium will cover technology ranging across capture, compression and transport, storage, and services. To showcase your technology, contact us through the form below.



Webinar: CCS and Voluntary Carbon Offset Markets

The private sector has a huge role to play if we are to reach the 1.5 degree ambition set out in the Paris Agreement. While direct emissions reductions by corporate entities remains the priority, voluntary carbon offsetting can play an important complementary role to accelerate climate action, significantly contributing in the transition to net zero.

Watch our recent webinar with a range of experts assessing the current status of voluntary carbon offset markets and what needs to happen for these markets to incentivise CCS and carbon dioxide removal projects.


Webinar: CCS Networks in the Circular Carbon Economy

CCS networks, linking multiple emissions point sources to shared transport and storage, continue to emerge as the most cost-effective method of CCS development. 

Watch our recent webinar with a panel of experts presenting a report on the identification and development of CCS networks, part of the Circular Carbon Economy: Keystone to Global Sustainability series with Columbia University's SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy.



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The Institute continues to grow around the world. We are currently recruiting across a range of roles covering policy, advocacy, legal and regulatory, grants management and client engagement. These exciting and challenging roles are in worldwide locations - London, Washington DC, Beijing, and Melbourne. Learn more about what is currently on offer at the Institute, and why people join and stay, by following the link to our careers page.