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NEWSLETTER | April 2022

Institute Releases 5-Year Strategic Plan

Carbon capture and storage has seen a steady rise in both interest and adoption over the last few years. As CCS progress continues to grow, the Institute looks forward to playing a key role in helping to accelerate that journey globally. Read our newly released five-year plan for more on our strategic framework, mission and vision.



Brief: CCS in the Latest IPCC Report "Mitigation of Climate Change" 

On 4 April, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) finalised the third part of the Sixth Assessment Report, Climate Change 2022. On the urgent path to limit global warming, the Working Group III report reaffirms, once again, the critical role CCS will play as a climate solution. In our latest brief authored by the Institute's Senior International Climate Policy Advisor, Noora Al Amer, we take a closer look at the report and unpack the key IPCC findings.



Insight: Australian CCS Policy Beyond the Federal Election   

With an Australian federal election upcoming, climate change continues to rank as among the most important issues for business and the broader public. In our latest insight, the Institute's  Advocacy and Communications Manager APAC, Matt Steyn, provides a brief overview of each party’s climate and energy policy agendas insofar as they relate to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).



 Webinar: The Rise of CCS in Denmark

On 29 March, we hosted the online event 'The Rise of CCS in Denmark' as part of our 'Emerging CCS Markets' webinar series. 

As a result of Denmark's ambitious climate targets and significant CO2 storage potential, industry players in the country are now approaching CCS as both a business strategy and an emissions mitigation effort. During the webinar, we spoke with experts about the current state of CCS in Denmark and where CCS is heading.



Webinar: The Emergence of CCS in Malaysia and Indonesia

With Malaysia and Indonesia announcing that carbon capture and storage will play a role in decarbonising their industrial sectors, the two countries are the first to enter the CCS market in Southeast Asia. On 28 April, the Institute hosted Part II of our 'Emerging CCS Markets' series, where we discussed CCS  progress in the region with key experts in the field.




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