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NEWSLETTER | August 2021

New Report: CCS in the Circular Carbon Economy

In a newly released thought leadership report, the Institute takes a look at the policy and legal factors that have a material impact on the investability of CCS projects. The report also provides key recommendations on policy, finance and regulatory matters, including insights on how governments can facilitate greater private sector investment in CCS.



Countdown to COP: CCS in International Climate Negotiations

The Global CCS Institute kicked off its Countdown to COP 26 webinar series, featuring discussions on CCS technology, COP and net-zero climate targets. Joining the Institute for the inaugural event were climate experts  who have previously taken part in international climate talks. The webinar  provided a snapshot into the history of CCS in climate negotiations and explored how CCS will feature in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.


Briefing: 101 Questions and Answers about CCS

The Global CCS Institute has published a brief covering 101 questions and answers  on all things CCS. Now available on the Institute website, the brief touches on the  technological, financial, geographical, social and political aspects of CCS that must be met to achieve the scale-up required to manage climate change.



Insight: Momentum for CCS Across the Gulf Cooperation Council is Growing

With the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States home to 25% of global oil produced, there are rising interests in the region to develop CCS projects as a means to support both business development and climate change mitigation plans. In a new insight, the Institute assesses the climate action efforts in the GCC states, and evaluates how CCS can be applied.



CCUS: Essential for Achieving Carbon Neutrality in China 

In collaboration with the China CCUS Professional Committee, the Global CCS Institute co-hosted the first   CCUS Strategy Forum Under the Context of Carbon Neutral Perspective. With over a thousand attendees present, the forum discussed the commercial viability of CCUS and the regulatory frameworks that would further drive CCUS deployment in China. With China seeking to reach climate neutrality by 2060, CCUS has the potential to play a substantial role in supporting the country's climate targets.


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Are you interested in a career in CCS and climate change mitigation? If so, the Global CCS Institute has several  opportunities to join our Commercial and Advocacy teams. For full job descriptions and details on how to apply, visit our website.




 Reaching Net Zero: The Paris Agreement, 

Regional Climate Commitments and the Role of CCS



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