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NEWSLETTER | April 2020

The world is facing unprecedented and challenging times with the disruptions brought by Covid-19. This will be an opportunity to assess how societies and economies will transform moving forward while remaining committed to solving other pressing challenges and threats such as climate change. For the Institute, this will be an opportunity to strengthen its channels of engagement and continue to share its knowledge and expertise with webinars, online events and live chats. Here are further details about the Institute's planned virtual events and some highlights from the last month.

Stay connected with CCS talks, webinars, briefings and much more

As the world adjusts to the new reality of remote work and conferencing, the Institute is planning to host a series of online events on a variety of themes related to CCS. These virtual panel discussions and presentations will bring together leading experts on CCS from the Institute and other organisations to share their insights, knowledge, ideas and answer your questions.


HRH The Prince of Wales Hosts High-Level CCS Roundtable

The Institute co-hosted with HRH The Prince of Wales a high-level meeting with experts, academics and senior leaders from the finance, energy, and technology sectors. The meeting was convened as part of The Prince of Wales’ Sustainable Markets Initiative. At the roundtable, participants discussed what actions can be taken to scale up the deployment of CCS in order to meet global climate ambitions.

Institute publishes CCS brief for policymakers

The paper presents and summarises a range of important milestones for CCS, its status across the world and the key opportunities and benefits the technology presents. The brief provides a concise resource for policymakers globally to further understand the vital role of CCS when formulating policies to address and tackle climate change.


Institute CEO Meets with Members of US Bipartisan Senate Climate Solutions Caucus

The Institute held an informational meeting with members of the bipartisan Senate Climate Caucus on the importance of US innovation leadership to improve global technology access for a lowest-cost energy transition, as well as approaches to further CCS commercialisation globally.  



The Economy Wide Value of CCS

Investment in clean energy innovation, including CCS has multiple benefits for society, including supporting economic growth and addressing the externalities created by emissions and climate change. The Institute put together a factsheet highlighting some of the key benefits and opportunities brought by CCS to the wide economy.



Institute welcomes new CCS funding announced in UK’s 2020 Budget

The budget sees the establishment of a new CCS Infrastructure Fund of at least £800 million aiming to support the development of at least two UK CCS sites. The first CCS site to be build up by the mid-2020s and the second one to follow by 2030. The UK Government also announced that it plans to support at least one CCS gas power station by 2030 with the help of consumer subsidies.



European Commission releases new Industrial Strategy

In this proposed new growth strategy for Europe, CCS has an important role to play in supporting Europe’s climate ambition and the transformation of key European industries and sectors. In its Communication released in March, the Commission emphasised that the transformation and modernisation of energy-intensive industries “must be a top priority”.


Missed our last webinar

The Institute hosted a webinar on bioenergy and carbon capture and storage (BECCS) with the Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN). The webinar covers a wide range of aspects related to BECCS including its role in achieving the Paris Agreement targets, the different types of BECCS technologies including waste-to-energy and gives an overview of deployment of these technologies and existing projects.


CCS Talks: 

California Policy and Climate Action Update

9 April | Webinar

CCS Talks:

All You Need to Know About CO2 Storage

16 April | Webinar

CCS Talks
Scaling up the CCS Market to Deliver Net-Zero Emissions
28 April | Webinar

Institute Report:
The Value of CCS
13 May | Webinar



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